Car, Minibus and Van Rental in Swanley | Common Problems Solved by Vehicle Hire

At Southern Seaters, we take pride in our reputation as a leading provider of car hire, van hire and minibus hire in the Swanley area. Due to our location in Chislehurst, we can have one of our vehicles with you in a matter of minutes, as and when you need one. We have an expansive fleet, allowing us to cover all transportation needs – from a domestic customer who has experienced a vehicle breakdown and needs temporary car hire, to commercial clients looking for a long-term Luton van hire, or a similar van rental, solution.


If you require a trusted, reliable service, call us on 01322 618 927 or 0208 300 5965. We pride ourselves on exceptional standards of customer service and highly competitive prices, something which separates us from our competitors.


Below, we have explored some of the different reasons why our clients in Swanley and the surrounding areas need car hire, van hire or minibus hire. This will help to give you an idea of the extensive range of problems our services solve.

Problems Solved by Car & Van Rental


Buying DIY and Garden Materials


If you plan to invest in building or gardening materials for a project at your property, you may need a larger vehicle to transport everything home. We have car hire and van rental solutions ideal for this purpose, complete with great suspension capable of taking a significant amount of weight. For especially large jobs, we also have Luton van hire options.


Please specify if you plan to utilise a vehicle in this way when you call us, so we can supply you with the right vehicle.


Cleaning Up and Scrapping


Are you looking to clear out a property in the Swanley area? Do you need to scrap some appliances? Car hire and van rental give you the room needed to transport everything to the appropriate facility in the region, be it a tip or scrapyard.


Moving To A New House


If you plan to move to a new house in the near future, first of all, congratulations!  As the boxes of packed items pile up, you may want to consider vehicle hire for an efficient transportation option. Car hire likely won’t offer the right size for such a project. In this case, van hire provides the ideal solution, especially when compared to the cost of hiring movers.


With our Luton van hire options, you might even be able to fit everything in and make the bulk of the move in a single trip.


Wedding and Family Events


If you need to get a large group of family, friends or guests to an event in Swanley or the neighbouring areas, look no further than our minibus hire service. Utilising a minibus usually offers a much more cost-effective option than transporting everyone in multiple taxis or via coaches. What’s more, minibus hire offers a personal, sociable aspect to the journey.


With safe and reliable transportation taken care of, everyone has one less thing to worry about on the big day.

For more information about affordable car, minibus and van rental in Swanley, call 01322 618 927 or 0208 300 5965.

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