From Car Hire to Luton Van Hire in Sidcup | Short-Term Problem Solutions

Like motorists across the country, our domestic customers and commercial clients in Sidcup can suffer misfortune at any time. While we all hope for the best, even the most diligent of vehicle owners suffer accidents and breakdowns from time to time. Fortunately, most of these problems have a short-term quality. However, they still need a solution. When it comes to transportation issues, Southern Seaters provides the perfect stopgap for a multitude of situations. Be it daily car hire, minibus hire for a special occasion or van rental and Luton van hire for commercial purposes, we cover every eventuality.


For our domestic customers, transportation issues usually come in the form of a car breaking down or, worse still, not even starting. The sudden removal of a car makes basic tasks like getting to and from work, or dropping off and picking up the kids from school, much more complicated. Some garages offer less than impressive courtesy cars, others offer nothing at all.


Likewise, our commercial clients in Sidcup suffer with sudden problems that affect day-to-day transportation issues. Whether an employee needs to go out on secondment, a busy trading season looms on the horizon or you experience a period of rapid growth, company transport options can be found wanting.


The solution for these issues remains simple – for any short-term transport needs, look no further than Southern Seaters. We provide competitively priced car hire, minibus hire and van rental options, including Luton van hire.

Benefits of Short-Term Car, Minibus and Van Rental


Our satisfied customers across Sidcup regularly inform us of the many benefits they experience when utilising our car hire, minibus hire and van rental service. Chief among these benefits is flexibility. Not only do we offer daily and weekend rates, as well as long-term solutions where necessary, we can also deliver one of our superior vehicles to you as quickly as possible.


With a fleet compromised of 90% VW vehicles, along with models from Audi, BMW, Mitsubishi and Jaguar, Southern Seaters caters to any taste and lifestyle. From private Luton van hire for moving out of homes and offices to corporate car hire, we accommodate the unique needs of every client.


Of course, short-term hire options don’t always come on an emergency basis. Situations can change for private customers and business clients alike, so much so that a vehicle eventually sits idle. Reasons for this include the expenses for running the vehicle becoming too great or staff turnover and lack of research leaving certain models ill-suited to the tasks at hand.


Regardless, idle vehicles across Sidcup represent investments depreciating in value. The money spent on road tax and insurance also goes to waste. A car hire, minibus hire or van rental option from Southern Seaters offers a perfect solution, as you only pay for a vehicle when you need to use it.


Additional advantages include no more worrying about MOTs, servicing and comparing quotes from various garages. We take care of that, because our vehicles undergo regular servicing and valeting. We guarantee car hire, minibus hire, van rental or Luton van hire options with impeccable standards of cleanliness and safety.


If you’re in a short-term bind, contact Southern Seaters for friendly, honest advice on the most suitable vehicle to get you up and running again.

For more information about car hire, minibus hire and Luton van hire in Sidcup, call 01322 618 927 or 0208 300 5965.

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