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Searching for a quality car hire, van hire or minibus hire provider in the Dartford area? Based in nearby Chislehurst, Southern Seaters is exactly that. We have an expansive fleet of vehicles available for hire at highly competitive prices. Need Luton van hire for just one day? No problem. Require car hire for a medium to long-term, while your main vehicle is undergoing repairs? No problem! We’re flexible, and ensure you receive a quality customer service experience from start to finish.


In this article, for the benefit of Dartford clients who may have made use of car hire, but not van hire / van rental, we’ve had a look at a few key tips to piloting these larger vehicles. Some tips will also apply to minibus hire, so if that’s what you’re here for – don’t hesitate to read on! If you’re more interested in booking something like Luton van hire right this second, skip ahead and call our friendly team on 01322 618 927 or 0208 300 5965.

Tips for First Time Van Hire Users in Dartford


The larger vehicles that we offer Dartford clients, especially our Luton van hire or minibus hire solutions, take more time to stop and turn around than smaller vehicles which sit lower to the ground. So take extra care by reducing speed when turning tight corners, especially if you have a heavy load in the back. Also, keep a good deal of space between you and the vehicle in front of you. While van rental options will differ between each other, most larger vehicles take longer to brake than smaller ones you might previously have used during a car hire lease.


Another very important tip is to carefully judge the height of car park barriers and tunnels. It can be easy to think that a Luton van hire or minibus hire vehicle is small enough to fit under one of Dartford’s many tunnels, but if you’re wrong the results will obviously be disastrous!


Dartford clients often express concerns about parking a larger vehicle, especially one without rear mirrors/windows. Don’t fret. It’ll require a little bit of learning, but take it slowly and make use of the better field of view you have in your wing mirrors. Don’t be afraid to stick your head out the window to have a look round, or to get a passenger to back you in. It’s nothing to be ashamed of!

The next time you require car hire, van rental or minibus hire in Dartford, call Chislehurst’s Southern Seaters on 01322 618 927 or 0208 300 5965.

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