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Look No Further for Car Hire & Van Hire in Chislehurst | Southern Seaters

An area in which many of our clients reside is Chislehurst. Providing car hire, van hire, minibus hire and Luton van hire, and tailoring terms to the client’s individual requirements, we’re an incredibly versatile logistical solution that can assist in all sorts of different scenarios – from a family holiday, to the management of a sudden surge in business. Whether it’s for a single day, or you require van rental over a number of weeks or months, Southern Seaters can accommodate you.

Not only is our standard of service exceptional, our prices are distinctly competitive; in fact, you’ll struggle to find such affordable car hire, van rental, minibus hire or Luton van hire in Chislehurst or the wider Kent and London areas – which are our principal service areas. All vehicles are safety tested, carefully maintained and covered by insurance policies; we even have a collision waiver offer than can further reduce immediate costs.

So we urge Chislehurst clients to contact us on 01322 618 927 or 0208 300 5965 to find out about the availability of our vehicles, and how we can ensure your transportation needs are met. Read on if you’d like to read a few hand-selected, professional tips on making use of van rental / van hire; these are ideal if it’s your first time making use of such a service, but perhaps less ideal if it’s car hire or minibus hire you’re after!

Van Rental Tips

  • Compared with the vehicles we offer Chislehurst clients as part of our car hire service, van rental models can take more time to stop and turn due to their size; their centre of gravity is also somewhat higher for the same reason. So take care and reduce speed when making tight corners – especially when transporting heavy cargo!
  • Next, a tip that’s also applicable to Chislehurst residents using minibus hire or Luton van hire: keep a decent distance between your vehicle and the one in front. If you’re not used to it, you’ll be surprised at how significant the increased stopping distance can be when making use of van hire. It will take some time getting used to.
  • Beware low clearance tunnels or access points in car parks and the like. If you’re unsure whether your vehicle will safely pass under a height, ere on the side of caution. Again, a tip that’s also of paramount importance to Luton van hire and minibus hire clients.
  • When first parking the vehicles we provide via van rental / van hire, take your time. They can be a bit more finicky than what you might be used to, but you’ll soon get the hang of it, especially when making proper use of the generous field of vision you get from the wing mirrors.

For further advice, or to book car hire, van hire or minibus hire services in the Chislehurst area, pick up the phone and call Southern Seaters on 01322 618 927 or 0208 300 5965.